Eliva's Child

The end of the world will be marked by the arrival of the prophet Elyan...

Fifteen-year-old Princess Taliya cares nothing for prophecies, as her only goal in life is to learn how to be a good ruler for her people. But when Kilarya's head sorcerer dies, his final words to her are a warning: destroyers have infiltrated their world.

At the same time, Taliya learns that her claim to the throne is illegitimate, which propels her onto a quest to prove herself capable of ruling her kingdom.

In a world filled with magic, draegons, and - most dangerous of all - the handsome refugee, Prince Damin, Taliya must discover who she is in order to overcome the threat to her people. Little does she know, Elyan already walks among them...

The Underground Kingdom

When the brawynns attack, they bring the wind...

Fifteen-year-old Princess Taliya has managed to negotiate a temporary truce with the fearsome winged beasts, the brawynns, after a terrible attack on her castle. But these magical creatures aren't going away, and Taliya must find something more permanent to protect her people.

One of her closest allies in this quest is the handsome Prince Damin. But when Taliya's betrothed arrives at the castle, the princess finds her life torn between the two men and her duty to her people.

Taliya knows that with the end times approaching, she will need supporters who also believe the ancient prophecies that seem to be coming true.